​I’m Leisa, Founder and Chief Go Getter at Find me the Leads. I am truly passionate about great brands, created by great people and am on a mission to help them connect with great businesses and get closer to their consumers.

My Sales experience spans over 20 years during which time I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands which have added true value to the categories in which they operate whilst at the same time adding a real point of difference.


Confectionery, Pet Food, Cooking Sauces, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Sweet & Savoury Snacks are just a selection of the product categories I have represented.

I champion my Clients and work closely with them to get their products into the right places, places that are on brand and are where their consumers hang out. Seeing their Products on shelf, in baskets, on menus, in chillers and on plates knowing I have facilitated this is my “why”!

Telephone: 01636 362011 or 07850 212252

Email: leisa@findmetheleads.co.uk