I work alone and for myself and have done since Find me the Leads® started in May 2018.  I have always been proud to be the face, voice and personality behind my brand as this is what makes my Business unique and is a big part of what my Clients buy in to.

In the Summer of 2020, I started working with a Business Coach who advised me that in order to attract bigger, higher paying Clients I needed to start speaking in the third person rather than the first person.  So, “I support Food & Drink Brands with…” became “We support Food & Drink Brands with…”

The reason behind this advice, perception!  If I gave the impression that my Business is bigger than it is and that I have a team around me supporting the delivery of Client work, Clients with deeper pockets and more money to spend would come flooding in.

I totally bought into this and on all my social media posts, email marketing and New Client Meetings I started talking “we” instead of “I” – I even had a new pop up banner designed and printed with the words “We support Food & Drink Brands…”

Whilst I can see the value in this advice and the sentiment behind it, it hasn’t quite played out in practise.  My existing audience have become confused about the “Royal We” I am referring to all of a sudden, I’m confused about which person I should be speaking in and most importantly I feel like I am being dishonest when communicating with Prospective Clients.  Truth is, it’s me and only me that does all the work and my Clients know and like that.

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a Friend and fellow Small Business Owner who said to me:

“it’s just you in the business, right?  Why don’t you embrace that!”

At the time I defended my decision as in some way by reverting back to I, I would be accepting that my Business hasn’t grown at the rate I wanted it to over the past 12 months BUT now I have embraced the advice 100% and from now on and until my Business is more than “just me” I will be:



Thank you to Lauren Clark at Social on Toast who challenged my thinking and reminded me that “people buy from people” Check her out here: http://socialontoast.co.uk/