Do you know who you want to connect with but just don’t know how to or have the time to do it?  Working with you to define your campaign objectives, I will use all mediums of communication to reach the end goal:

Internet to research a chosen sector and formulate a wish list of prospective customers.  Email to reach out to those customers to introduce a product and create a call to action.  Phone to quantify the information gleaned via the internet to ensure the contact is the right one. Face to face representing your brand at trade shows and in customer meetings.

I can help you connect with the decision maker by using all communication methods to navigate their network.

Lead Generation

I will work with you to identify and target NEW customers . This will involve internet research to build lists of prospective customers within a chosen sector or sectors.  Once these lists are compiled, I will make contact with the customers identified.

New Business Development

Working with you and your chosen CRM system, I can develop your existing customer base and extend your presence in existing channels.  You provide me with a list of customers already known to you and I will make contact to introduce your product.

Trade Show Support

Consider me an additional member of your Team to help exhibit at Trade Shows.   I can also collate all prospective leads generated at the show and follow up with them.

Telephone: 01636 362011 or 07850 212252