Trade Show season starts in a matter of weeks.  As an experienced exhibitor, I thought I would offer some top tips on how to capture customer information at trade shows and what to do with it once you’ve got it.  Most important is that you a] do it and b] use it!!

  1. Have more than one person on your stand
    • To ensure you don’t miss anyone
    • To enable you have time to enter into conversations
    • To make sure your stand is never left unattended
  1. Decide in advance what medium you are going to use to capture information
    • Barcode scanner from Event Organiser
    • Pen and paper
    • Mobile phone with camera
    • Spreadsheet populated via computer
  1. Pen and paper works best in my opinion
    • More opportunities to engage – ensure correct spelling, details, etc.
    • Ability to add supplementary information, e.g. flavours sampled, existing supplier, RTM, range review timings
  1. Collate at the end of each day
    • Input into a readable format and fill in any gaps
    • Prioritise which ones to follow up first
    • Take action if needed, i.e. did they ask for samples NOW?
  1. Follow up ALL leads after leaving the show
    • Decide who is going to be in charge of following up
    • Do it in a timely manner – leave it too long and they will have forgotten
    • Decide how to follow up – email, phone, samples, all 3
    • Do it more than once – preferably until a decision is made

If you are reading this before heading to IFE, please come over to stand N2977 and say Hi, I’d love to hear if these tips have been useful.

Thanks for listening